About Me

To call oneself an explorer is cliche, but I would definitely say that I am always curious and looking to learn.

I was born and bred in California, a fact that has shaped my values, world view and perspective. After graduating high school I was selected to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Scholar, moving to San Bernardo Argentina to live with a host family for a year.

Wanting to pursue a global education I studied International Relations at the University of the Pacific. There I began my journey with social enterprise at the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of the Pacific (now Center for Social Impact Learning at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies) led by Jerry Hildebrand. There I led the Council for University Social Entrepreneurs and was awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year and Student Organization of the Year (2011).

I went from starting programs to kick start social enterprises at the university level, to working with an orphanage in Guatemala focusing on financial sustainability. After a year living abroad in Jordan and Syria, I was selected as an Ambassador Corps Fellow and worked to build out a network of training farms and distribution centers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Looking to increase by business acumen, I pursued a Masters in Management at the Vlerick Business School in Leuven, Belgium.  After graduating I went on to spend 2+ years working for Ashoka Fellow Arnoud Raskin of StreetwiZe-Mobile School. I began as the Business Development Manager and was offered the position of Managing Partner before deciding to return California.

I am also a Response Team member for Shelterbox, a international disaster relief organization. My last deployment was to Kurdistan, northern Iraq. 

I have lived in some incredible places around the world, including Kenya, Argentina, Jordan, Syria and Belgium. I spend my days learning and applying what I learn.

Do you have any questions or comments?

I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keyf halak ya Hunter, wa sho a’7ba3ak? This is Omar from the jordan, we studied together during the summer in amman in the second level. I feel as though I have to refresh your memory since you have been in the middle east for quite some time. Anyhow, I’m contacting you because I’m heading to Damascus University in a couple weeks and since you have studied there would like your advise on what I will need for my stay. In particular the finding an apartment, I was thinking of baab atoom. I don’t have a facebook anymore so could you please e-mail me at oaa83189@gmail.com. I’m living in two weeks so the sooner the better.
    Shookran ya a’7ooyi,
    ma3 salam
    By the way excellent blog.

  2. Hi Hunter

    I am really enjoying your blog. We miss you here in the states, but are so glad to hear that you are having once in a lifetime experiences and meeting wonderful people along the way.
    Brianna, Stephen and Mike send their hellos.
    Lots of hugs and love to you. Keep up the good work.


    Aunt Laura

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