Great People + Hard Work + Grit = Social Impact

At the beginning of this year I became Managing Partner of StreetwiZe in Belgium, part of the Mobile School Group. I have had an amazing opportunity to learn from mentors such as Arnoud Raskin and Bart Van Bambost and to work with an incredibly talented team.

    StreetwiZe-Mobile School is a talent development social enterprise that works to improve the self esteem of street youth in 22+ countries and translates the skills that these street youth use to survive, to companies through talent and leadership development programs.

    In 2014 StreetwiZe worked with over 100 companies with talent development workshops and leadership programs. We used our Street Skills model to focus employees on what matters and to bring results while always having a positive impact on street youth around the world. We have worked with companies like Nike, Rabobank, ING, Ikea, Colruyt and many many more.

    I lead a team of some of the best purpose driven facilitator/coaches in Europe. They combine experience working with street youth with their knowledge of the challenges and needs of today’s leading companies. They serve as the backbone of StreetwiZe and it has been wonderful working with a team that is committed to human development, whether that is of the CEO of a multinational in Europe or a street kid in Guatemala City.

    Mobile School – StreetwiZe serves as an example for the future of companies. Not only for those who identify with the Ethical Business or B Corporation movements, but those that don’t initially consider themselves social but believe in the work that they do. Mobile School – StreetwiZe is able to attract some of the best talent and highest level clients through its authenticity and connection to a social purpose and commitment to delivering top quality content. We have never sacrificed quality, always delivering value to our clients, while staying true to our mission. The sustainable development of individuals, organizations and society through activities based in the strengths of street kids. This shows both social enterprises and traditional companies that this is not an either/or game.

    All of that being said, the excitement, the growth, the validating of social impact in a new an innovative way (details to come), as some of you may have heard, I will be taking on a new adventure.

    In August I will be returning to California, to the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a shirt that says ‘California Calls You.’ And after 3 years in Belgium, going to Business School, working for a leading social enterprise and learning about the complexities of this wonderful little country, I will heed the call.

    It has been an honor to work for such an innovative and impactful organization. I have learned much and hope I left my mark. I was able to focus on professionalizing our commercial process and ensuring a strong and connected identity in a growing team. I worked to build synergies across Mobile School and StreetwiZe and did my best to give the StreetwiZe & Mobile School team as much support as possible to create as much social impact as possible! I have a few more months with StreetwiZe and while I am excited for the next adventure, I will miss this amazing team!

    And as I am heading back to California, I am on the look out for new opportunities to work in social impact in the San Francisco area.

Please reach out if you see something that you think may interest me and of course I would greatly appreciate a heads up on people to contact or things to check out.

Check here for a bit on my background and what I’m looking for. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all and to a great new adventure!


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