And she’s off!

My sister has recently taken flight and landed in the formerly prosperous continent of Europe! She is part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and will be spending the year in Portugal. Talking to her before she left, seeing photos of her new family life and reading her brand new blog (which I fully recommend you all follow! brings me back to the first days of Argentina. Youth exchange (particularly between 17-20 years old) is really something I believe everyone should take part in. And not just a few months, I’m talking about a solid year.

I’m super excited for my sister and really can’t wait to hear the stories, her Portuguese and just partake in the joy and discovery that only comes by sending youth to far off foreign continents.

She’s also inspired me to blog, seeing as I am (as usual) pretty far behind in my updates. So, with that said, expect an update to soon follow!


If you’re interested in Rotary Youth Exchange

Scarlett in Portugal


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