A Lesson or Mbili from Kenya

Living and working in Kenya I’ve learned (or been reminded of) a few things.

  1. It is possible to wake up in a tent, having spent the night worried you would have your head stepped on by a curious Baboon. Bike 5 kilometers past Zebra, Warthogs, the occasional Giraffe, nearly be run over by Antelope sprinting across the path, and then be in a business meeting in Nairobi by noon.                                                          
  2. Scamming comes with a smile.
  3. Our unintended consequences have a ripple effect similar to dropping a boulder in a pool, our intended consequences have a ripple effect similar to dropping a small stone in a sand pit.
  4. Nothing can be done for someone, they must own it, it must be theirs for something to really make a difference.
  5. Life is relative; wealth, comfort, pain, happiness, but that should never be an excuse to overlook the gaps.
  6. Human ingenuity is the second most fascinating and powerful thing in the world. The first is nature.
  7. Everything said in a business meeting is a flat out lie. NOTHING should be believed unless you can a) See it b) Touch it c) Live without it.  (I look back now and realize this one was a bit pessimistic, but it was a valuable lesson for me)
  8. The biggest obstacle to making the world a better place, is people to trying to make money without adding “value.” If you are not adding to something then there is no reason for you to earn from it.
  9. Governments have an incredible ability to make society a better place.
  10. Governments are the biggest obstacle to a society galvanizing on it’s own.
  11. We must always stay focused on the long term, and the details. It is that combination that creates change. Dream and build.

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