Gmail doesn’t like it when I don’t name an email, But that’s OK with me.

I had something happen to me recently that surprised me and I have some strange inkling to share. If you ask my brother or sister they will confirm that I am about as out of touch with Pop Culture as your dog is. We both look interested but it really doesn’t process and we don’t actively pursue it (Fido and I.) I have always enjoyed listening to music but had been about 2 years behind, always relying on an update from my brother, friends and to my luck more recently, my sister. I think I have been missing a lot of things that cause enjoyment; I have had some weird aversion to focusing on “the little things in life.” Well I’m over it. While I will still be relying on my sister for musical entertainment, my brother for literary pleasure, my dad for a physical representation of a desert island album and my mother for a good laugh and comical commentary on the world around us.  I am actively trying to engage myself in things that are positive and healthy, why not right? Well back to what surprised me. I was leaving Guatemala and on the airplane home I put on my music. And it felt different. It resonated with me. It made my head move back and forth, all I wanted to do was listen and enjoy and feel good, and that’s what I did for seven hours on the way home. I felt like a hipster kid from LA with headphones on, blocking out the natural noise and creating an artificial and emotion heavy soundtrack to life. I’ve never really had that before and I liked it, I get it now.

My projection in life hasn’t changed, but my approach has. I have amazing friends around the world that have taught me more than I am able to understand, having it only slowly grow on me years later. I have a beautiful, crazy and amazing family running around California, whom I love very much, and thank you to Will May for filling in while I am gone, your presence is much appreciated…. This is where I find some profound and uplifting quote, queue Dylan or Scarlett…


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