Back to Damascus

I am in Damascus now. And apart from coming to a café to use internet and now having to sit in the dark with a candle lighting the table because the power went out, I love this place! This city is so rich and interesting it is indescribable. There is a reason that people have been living here for thousands upon thousands of years. And it has drawn me to it. My 6 month Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship in Jordan recently ended and I have come to continue my study at the University of Damascus. I arrived here about a week ago, spent a couple days walking the city asking about and seeing apartments, and finally settled on one. It is in Shagoor district, a couple blocks off of Straight Street outside the old Jewish Quarter of the Old City. It’s a great little one bedroom place in a soviet esque cul-du-sac and right off a two to three block long vegetable and fruit souk. Damascus has something that just keeps you mesmerized. It may be the architecture that could be from anytime within the last two thousands years, the spice souk that makes you wonder what all those colors could be, the cars leaving you about an inch as they squeak down the old city, the Iranian Shia pilgrims walking through the city or maybe another of its many wonders. Whatever it is, it will catch you, and keep you. I’m off to study some more, but I’ll be writing soon.


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