Rotary Gala & first day at Work

  Last night I attended my first Rotary Gala in Jordan. It was a reception dinner for the District Governor who is from Bahrain. The entrance costs 15 JD (they emphasized that it was 25 for everyone else but because we are scholars…) Although seeing that I could eat for a week on 15 JD (around $20) I hesitated a little. I decided it would be a great place to meet rotarians and to see some of what they are doing. I went with some of the other Ambassadorial Scholars to the Hyatt where it was being held. It was a large room and there had to be over 200 people there. Everyone was very formal (I on the other hand hadn’t been informed of how formal it was and was lacking a tie and jacket). I followed around Rawan, a very enthusiatic scholar from Texas as she introduced herself to all the very confused Rotarians. There is always a few seconds of explaining that they are paying for what we are doing and they we arent Rotarians. I met lots of very nice people and made contacts at various clubs which I will hopefully present at in the future. I might a few Lebanese who were very excited about my last name and one introduced me to everyone as his cousin. I also met the Ambassador from France and other people who’s importance should have impressed me but ended up not having the right impact.  Overall the night went great and the people were very nice. I had a great time, and although I may not spend that kind of mine for a while it was a good chance to get out and me some Rotarians.

    Today I had my first day of work at Injaz. Injaz is an organization that develops curricula on financial literacy, leadership, business and more, which are then distributed to regional offices around the Middle East and North Africa, who implement them in local public schools, workshops and other venues. I dont work at Injaz Jordan, but at the office that over sees the coordination of all the offices in the Middle East and North Africa. Today I worked on compiling a Sponsorship package which explained the projects and things that needed funding. So I basically took 12 or 13 different countries submissions and had to make it look like one. Took a while, but it was a good way to get comfortable with the programs and learn about the projects they where doing. 

I’ll be working there 3 times a week for 4 hours. The office has a great vibe and everyone is very very nice.


3 thoughts on “Rotary Gala & first day at Work

  1. Hi Hunter,

    I know you probably won’t remember me, but I’m your aunt (Barbara). My younger son, Bobby, was fascinated to read your blog today. (Your mother finally got me the blog address to follow your travels this afternoon!!)

    He asked me to check with you about your photographs. Do you have some others he could see online? He loves studying topography and is very interested in the Middle East.

    Hope all is well. Take care.


    • Of course I remember you and the kids! I’m glad to hear he liked the blog, unfortunately I dont update it as often as I should. As for pictures I usually post everything on facebook, and actually my mom usually reposts them on her page, so the easiest way would be to find Jennifers page on facebook and check out the albums.
      I hope that works, and if theres anything else just let me know. How old are they now? I still remember them as little little kids.
      A big hug,


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