Day Before School Starts

I think some of you have already heard this, but the running joke with my roommate is that “we’ve been here so long we’ve gone on vacation.” Whats funny is we went on two. I arrived in June and was in school until mid August. We had about as much time in school as we had break before the Fall semester. I spent most of that time traveling, but in between trips I was back at my apartment. I went to various Iftar’s (meal at sundown to break the Ramadan fast) and tried my share at fasting. The majority of the day was filled with studying and researching. The research being toward finding an organization with which I can intern for the time I am here. The only down fall is that I finally had the time to sit down and research and call and email, but that was during Ramadan, when everything is basically shut down. And the auto response I would get is, lets get in touch after Eid (the celebration at the end of Ramadan.) Well now Eid has ended and I am back in Amman and things are about ready to get started. I had originally planned on working for an organization called Injaz, but because I traveled around and everytime I get I call the head person is away in the US or somewhere, that connection hasn’t really worked out. The said hopefully in October we will be able to figure something out. The other organization is one called ANERA, American Near Eastern Refugee Association. They are working in Amman with Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, as well as having bases of operation in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Gaza (kind of, now its out of Amman because the last Israeli war). But they are an organization that I am very excited to get involved with, they have a small local only staff here in Amman. And I am supposed to meet up with the women in charge next week (like everyone she’ll be in the US until then.) 

    Like always I either have nothing to do, or too much at once. Starting next week I will have my language classes the first half of the day, then twice a week Islamic Studies and Political Science classes which I am very excited for, as well as my first official meeting with a Rotary club here, and hopefully soon starting evening classes in Colloquial Arabic. It would have been nice to have spread that out over the last month of nothing, but thats life and I love it.


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