Back in Amman Sep 8th

 So I am now back in Amman. I little earlier than I had planned but it has worked out for the best, allowing me to get everything in order and really start to plan out the rest of my time here. Since I’ve been back I’ve been meeting new people who are active and involved in the humanitarian/NGO scene, which has renewed my energy to get involved. This summer it was difficult to break into that scene because of a lack of contacts, it was frustrating to be in Amman ( a regional hub for headquarters for organizations working all over the middle east) and to not be involved in anything. What I have found that is interesting and something I tried to stay away from in the beginning, is the involvement of the ex pat community. I don’t want to get stuck in a foreign community within Amman (which I wont) but the more I talk to people who talk about their contacts in regional offices and organizations ect.. they are all ex pats. So I just have to check out certain contacts and connections and see what appears. At the moment I am going to pursue and internship that was offered via Martin Burt (an Alum of Pacific, huge in the Social Entrepreneurship scene and much more) that is with an organization called Injaz, which is partnered with Junior Achievement International. The main focus is teaching financial literacy to Jordanian youth. I am not so knowledgeable on the financial side of things but any experience will be beneficial and will hopefully open up the doors to more. I am also looking into taking undergrad classes here at the University of Jordan. They have a couple in International Relations and Political Science that I might be able to take so that would be interesting. Also there is a United Nations University awkwardly stuck into the side of our campus. Its all gated off and the guards at the front say I have to make an appointment to get in. But unfortunately the website doesn’t work and the emails get bounced back, but hopefully I figure something out because they have the Leadership Institute and they supposedly teach courses. It wouldn’t hurt to get something like that under my belt. So hopefully by next week I have more of my life figured out here, more Arabic will be learned, and guaranteed more falafel will be eaten.

Peace in the Middle East


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