Tripoli, Lebanon 22 August

After an interesting time finding transportation across the border and paying all the supposedly non-existent yet necessary entrance and exit fees I finally made it to Lebanon.  It was a weird feeling, mainly because I have wanted to go for so long and was now finally there, it felt really surreal. . It felt good to see Lebanese flags everywhere, even more old Mercedes, basically the one car the dominated, it was like a flash back.

Tripoli is a cool old city, although having been torn by fighting between Palestinians and the Lebanese army in 2007 a lot of tourism had stopped. I checked out the port, watching the sunset and walking home to a completely empty city. Tripoli is predominately Muslim and that was the second day of Ramadan. As I walked through the empty streets at Dusk I could hear the tinking of forks and knives coming from all the apartment buildings above. It gave me that interesting holiday feeling, happy that everyone is together celebrating enjoying company. After Tripoli though, I knew I needed to head to Beirut. Beirut has fascinated me for a long long time and to be so close to it was difficult, so the next day I hopped on a mini bus and went.


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