Californians in Amman


In front of the treasury

In front of the treasury

This past week I had friends from California come visit. My buddy and his sisters and another friend had been in Israel and had some extra time and came to visit. It was really great to have them come, they spent only a few days here but it was some of the best few days so far. It seems that everything just worked out. We met amazing people and really experienced the hospitality of Jordan. We went to Petra, said to be one of the new wonders of the world (although its not new at all). We spent all day hiking and walking around Camels and checking out amazing building carved out of red rock. This best part of the day was when we finally reached the end of a 700 step climb to a monastery, we hung out with some Bedouins there who were our age. I ended up trading my shirt (it said Peace in Arabic) for a keffiyeh (scarf) and then they took us on a hike up the back of the monastery to the top.


The bedouin and I, in front of the monastery

The bedouin and I, in front of the monastery

 It was the coolest thing to be on top of this structure, and the guys we were with ended up climbing the top part, which was insane because of the 450 or more foot, drop on each side. They were crazy. On the way down we stopped in the shade next to a women with a little stand selling things, she was eating with another women and a child. When they saw us there they kept offering the food they were eating, it was a creamy pasta with potatoes and peppers. They wouldn’t stop offering so we ended up having some, it was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. I had a shell in my bag from Carmel and so I gave it to the little boy, he immediately tried to bite it and not only was surprised by its hardness but also the pop on the back of his head by his mom, we all laughed. The Bedouins that we met in Petra we’re honestly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


crazy bedouins on top of the monastery

crazy bedouins on top of the monastery


3 thoughts on “Californians in Amman

  1. Hunter….I ran into your dad at the Sports Center and he told me about this site. What do the people of Jordan think of their King?

  2. OK! I’ve caught up now with your experiences!
    Looking for more! Thanks for your recent contact
    with Carmel Valley Rotary.

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