Lets start with the weekends. The past two weekends I have going out and done some pretty fun stuff with a group of people from my class, my roommate and his friend from here named Fadi. Fadi is a Jordanian/Palestinian who is really nice but will never stop talking, and doesn’t speak English. I’ve learned the most useful Arabic by just being around him. But as for the weekends, the first one I went to the Dead Sea area, which is about an hour drive down hill. Its all just dry cracked hills and then you finally descend into the Jordan valley and can see across into the west bank. Before going in the Dead Sea we went to a little river canyon called Wadi Mujib. It was super fun, it is basically just an area that is maybe 20 feet wide with walls of red rock straight up on each side for maybe 60 -70 feet. So you hike up this river  and have to climb the small rapids, that get bigger and bigger, it was perfect, they were awesome to climb and jump around on, and it ends at a big waterfall, which if you do another hike you can descend but its impossible to go up. But you can go behind the waterfall and even walk through it, although it basically shoves you over, its like a deep tissue message. After having tons of fun in the river rock area which looks exactly like Moab Utah (which makes sense because it is near the original Moab) we then went down to the Dead Sea. Bad Idea. We had heard that you should go in first because the salts stings all your cuts and scrapes, but we didn’t expect how bad it stings. It hurts! It was seriously super unenjoyable, it was awesome to float, it’s the weirdest thing, but it stung sooo bad. We got out after 15 min and just waddled in pain back to the river where we just laid down to cool the burning. I think one time in the dead sea is enough, haha.


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