Clashing Characters

There are two scenes that I just wanted to describe a little more because of the impact they had on me. First there was the Old Bedouin man. After inviting us into a section of his tent with cushions to sit on and sweet tea poured by his son, we sat for around an hour and listened to Fadi talk with the man. I really couldn’t be sure of his age just because of how much his life must wear on him, he had to be over 60 though. His face was more like cracked earth than dry leather, he had an unexpected mustache that was white and looked trimmed, that with his glazed gray eyes and plume of cigarette smoke made him seem like he was more a part of this earth than we were. He just seemed to mimick the area in which he lived, dry and cracked yet there was something that made you just sit and wonder what his life had been like, just like you would imagine the life of a desert, long, harsh, dry and slowly changing.

The other scene happened in the little village of Dana, we were just paying the small entrance fee to go hiking and two trucks and a landcruiser that looked ready for a Safari pulled up. The trucks had Hebrew on the side, which caught me off guard. Fadi was excited because he had lived in Tel Aviv growing up and spoke Hebrew fluently (also spent some time in a Israeli jail, just like most Palestinians. He said it was one of the most comfortable rooms he’s ever had.) Out of the cars popped tons of kids and there 30 ish year old parents, they looked like Australians, tan and outdoorsy, ready for a hike or something in the desert. They were settlers. It was so strange to see them on this side,  there seemed to be no problem with them there, but it still seemed strange because of the relationship of Jordan and Israel (the governments get along but the people is another thing). The seemed to just be making a pit stop, the kids ran around, they filled the water in the car, speaking English to the Jordanians the whole time, with Fadi translating a little between Hebrew and Arabic. The didn’t acknowledge much, they just kind of did their thing, got back into the cars and left.  I guess it just caught me off guard to see Israelis there with their kids. The area is safe, for both sides, its just with the animosity that both people hold for each other, it made the situation suspenseful.


2 thoughts on “Clashing Characters

  1. Hunt your description of the Bedouin was wonderful, it reminded me of some of my clay pieces and makes me want to do masks with the same treatments I am using on the pots. love you thanks for keeping us up dated…dad

  2. Keep up the great descriptions Hunter. Your entries are most informative and give one the sense you are really understanding and feeling what the people and country are all about.

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