Been a while

First I want to apologize for the lack of postings. About 2 weeks ago I moved into my new apartment, I am now living just a 5 minute walk from the university in a neighborhood that is all apartments filled with mainly students, professors and visiting Saudis. Yup, visiting Saudis, Amman fills with Saudis during the summer who come to escape the heat. So now almost every third car has a Saudi license plate. There are also a good number of people from Qatar and Yemen. So I’ve moved into my place with a British and an American. The British guy has been in the middle east for around 2 years, he studied in Syria and the West Bank for a while and speaks Arabic fluently.  The American has been here only a little longer than me and is working at another language center which I will start classes at tomorrow.  Just as an interesting side note, I have a punching bag hanging in the middle of my room, courtesy of who ever was here before us, the light is also connected to it so every once in a while I’ll punch it around and then find out I messed up the light and it wont turn on, whoops.


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