Taxis in Amman

So I thought I would right a little something on Taxis in Amman. First of all, like everywhere else, they are yellow, except for the white, the green and the silver ones. Although those serve different purposes, here I am just talking about the ones we’re used too, the yellow ones. We all know the stereotype on how taxi drivers drive, well if thats how everyone drives, you can now imagine how the taxis must drive. First precaution when taking a taxi in Amman (no need to wander about, finding one is easy since they are basically everywhere on the main roads,) first you tell them where you’re going (lets pretend there’s no language barrier). Since street signs are relatively new in Amman (the streets have always had names, its just that there were no signs, so consequently street names aren’t so important) so the way they give directions is by using landmarks, so and so building or circle or picture of the king (just kidding, but not, because they are everywhere and about 20 feet tall.) So lets now add in the language factor and the lack of knowing landmarks because we’re not from here, that equals a serious mishkil (problem). But, mush mishkila (no problem) if you say it enough times they will usual drive in the general direction and ask random people on the street where the address is that you gave them. So we’ve made it to the destination, now we pay. Hopefully we have checked to make sure there’s a meter, if not than we have mishkila, but lets say there is. So we know that the currency is JD (jordanian dinar) but the meter says 1650, so that must mean I owe 16 JD 50 cents? Wrong! that was only a short ride and 16 JD is like 20 dollars. In Jordan they have 3 amounts of currencies, the JD, the piastres and the fils. 1000 fils = 100 piastres, and 100= piastres = 1 JD, so 1000 fils must equal 1 JD? Right! So the meter must be in fils, and we owe, 1 JD and 65 piastres (lets just round it to 70). I’m not sure if they do that to confuse you because the money only comes in JD and coins piastres, I bet some smart Jordanian did it to get tourists when they first arrive. Then those taxi drivers would make a killing everyonce in a while, $20 instead of $2, I’d be down as a driver.  So thats it, you made it.


7 thoughts on “Taxis in Amman

  1. You’d be down as a cab driver?

    I can see it now, my faux-Jordanian brother, speeding through traffic, dressed in linen, draped in a scraggly beard, reeking of ground sumac and all the while scamming tourists for a few extra JDs.

    Haha…sounds like a good time!

    • So I met a kid in Damascus that was from Huntington. On a two minute cab ride that cost 2200 fils (aka 2.20 dinar, about $3.50) he didnt know and dropped 22 Dinar and the cab driver didnt say anything, thats like $35. I”m telling you theres a market out there haha.

  2. Its so awsome you got to go to Jordania!
    How the hell do you find the time to write all this? and also, what kind of rotary program are you in! I ought to call dibs on it in my rotary club!! If I can, i’ll drop by, its not all that far from Holland I guess..
    All the best!

  3. Hi Hunter! Holly gave me your blog address today! So excited to read about your adventures! I have some pictures for you… drop me an email or friend me on facebook, and I can send them. They are of you and your family (minus Dylan of course) and the whole group. It was fun to meet you, and I will keep up with your story here!

  4. My head hurts from the math. I just got back from England, with pounds and pence, which was hard enough without the language.

    Glad you’re doing well, and thanks for keeping us posted. I’m there with you all the way.

    Peter G.

  5. hopefully your faux-Jordo Bro has brought a map of San Bernardo so when someone gets in his cab wanting to go somewhere he doesn’t, he can pull the map out of the glove box and ask them to find it and give him directions.

  6. hahahahaha…. well well hunter, ur not the first one to write something about taxis in Amman , i have been living here my whole life and i still complain about taxis… lol… I will be telling u some stories later on 😀

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