First Day of Class

School started today, Sunday, that makes sense, right?  I am taking classes at the University of Jordan, which is one of the best schools in the region and the biggest in Jordan. 43,000 students, lots of people to meet. It is a nice campus with tree lined streets running through it and students everywhere. The area around the campus is where I am looking for an apartment and is filled with students. The place I am taking classes is the Language Center or as it is now called “The International Institute for teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages,” pretty sweet title if you ask me, I’m not sure if they were hoping for a good acronym? I am in the second level and even though I’ve been studying on my own, not having Arabic for a year will make this a little tough. The teacher is very nice but serious about learning, which I like. The class is made up of students mainly around 21-25 but some even older. They are from everywhere from  the US to Turkey to Korea. They are interesting people, I think it takes a little something quirky to want to go to Jordan. I also went around 5 o clock with Yousef to look at apartments. There just happened to be graduation today (the rest of the University is on a different schedule) and the streets around the Uni were backed with people and students and cars honking (although that’s normal) kids hanging out windows and sun roofs. Yousef says parents and family come in from the villages around Amman for graduation.

Tonight I watched USA vs. Egypt in the semi finals in South Africa (soccer) Egypt had just the other night beat Italy upsetting the world champs and now here I was with a bunch of older Arab men watching the US vs. Egypt, and the US won! They were funny about it and sad it was a conspiracy, it was Bush! Haha. But the US really played well and smoked Egypt, hopefully no one in Amman minds.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Class

  1. Hunter,
    Congratulations on entering the second level! I am pleased to hear about the school, and I also enjoyed the name of the dept. Sounds like a title from Harry Potter. Enjoy

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