مركز الغات

 Today was my orientation. It was supposed to be yesterday but Jordanians do things on there own time and so they moved it, the day of. I took a test that was super difficult (mainly because I could barely understand the instructions) and then I had an interview in Arabic, which I think we went really well. One of the interviewers had said that he had been to stockton and that it was a great city (i’m not sure if he meant the same one haha). After the orientation I want apartment hunting with a couple of people. The area surrounding the university is full of apartment buildings, big white square buildings crawling up these super steep hills, I should have brought my long board. The are simple and cheap, I’m hoping this weekend to go again and get one. If I could split that would be great but if not the apartments are filled with students anyway so I will meet them. 


I’m going to take evening classes at another institute which teaches the Palestinian (jordanian) dialect. That’ll be good because what they teach at the University is “proper” Arabic, which only gets you confused looks if you try to use it in the streets and not when writing a scientific novel. It will also be a good way to meet more people and to have something to do in the afternoons. 

I also just found out that the house next door used to be the house of the Ambassador to Libya, kind of cool.


One thought on “مركز الغات

  1. Hunter,
    I am reading your blog with Bob and Bill in LA. Bobby said he really enjoyed being able to hear your voice through your words and follow your adventure! I also love seeing the pictures.
    I love you!

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