Off to Amman

IMG_0962Today is my last day in Carmel before I head out to Amman. It is beautifully sunny, really one of the nicest days in a while. I’ve been lucky because I’ve just been hanging out my family these past couple of days. My brother came up from Hollywood and we lucked out on some sweet surf, the best waves i’ve seen in a month on days that looked deceivingly flat. The beautiful ocean and sunny day and waves has made me think twice about heading to the desert, but not that hard. I am actually getting really excited! I try not to get to excited to fast, but I’ve held it off until now and the realization has almost started to kick in (but the perfect day outside is delaying it.) The way I go into situations like this is learn as much as possible about where I am going and the people and prepare all that is necessary before hand and just go in like a sponge, ready to soak it all up. I try not to have deep set expectations because no matter what it will be different from what you thought, and rather than be disappointed I like being surprised. It may not be for everyone but thats how I approach it ( or at least how I try, its hard not to think about what it’ll be like). 

  There was a little glitch in housing arrangements though that I should mention. As of today, the day before I leave, I hadnt heard anything about a host family and hadnt received a confirmation that anyone would be at the airport. Although I naively wasnt worried, my parents were a little concerned. Although with some help from Rotarians here and a bombardment of emails to Jordan after over two weeks of no contact, I got an email and will be able to stay with a Rotarian for the first couple days. 

I have an orientation for the school on Wednesday and start on Friday, so we’ll see how that goes. Thank you to everyone whos helped me get ready for this and feel free to ask any questions you want answered! 

Chau from California


2 thoughts on “Off to Amman

  1. So you’re a homeless, but well-informed sponge?
    Hope it was a smooth trip. Looking forward to your next post hombre.

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