Whats up guys, this is my first post so I’m still just trying to get it all figured out, so please bare with me. At the moment I am in Carmel, I finished with school a couple of weeks ago and have been hanging out here every since. I leave for Jordan on June 15, so I have less than two weeks. I have pretty much everything ready except for insurance, which we are still waiting on. I also havent heard about my host family. Thats a slight bummer just because it means I dont know where in the city I will be living. I do know though that I will be studying at the University of Jordan Language Center. All my classes for the first 6 months will be Arab language instruction. I havent heard the best things about the language center but I am going to give it a shot and if I dont like it I can switch to another place for Fall and Spring semesters.

That may be it for my first post. so enjoy!

Tambien quiero que mis amigos hispanohablantes puedan communicar conmigo y saber que tal con mi vida. Entonces si quieren que yo traduzca algo, mandame un mail, o dejar me una comenta y lo haria yo.



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